Lead Management Process Design Consulting

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  • Defining your funnel
  • Integrating with your CRM
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  • Incorporating into your website
  • Reporting
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead scoring

Why Design a Lead Management Process?

Each day, time and money is being spent to generate leads to grow your business. Due to the nature of today's decision making process and the amount of advance research that is being done, not all leads are qualified for sales at the time of inception, nor are they ready to make a purchasing decision.

So, what happens next? Are those leads falling through the cracks and being forgotten about? Is your sales team wasting time on unqualified leads? Are you able to forecast accurately without having your funnel stages clearly defined?

How Does a Lead Management Process Work?

First you must define the different types of leads and sales opportunities that make up your company's funnel. Once you've defined each stage and you understand details like your close rate and your average deal size you can then solve for the activities your marketing and sales teams should be doing to achieve the revenue goals of your business.

Who Should Consider Designing a Lead Management Process?


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