Inbound Sales Process Design

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60% of a Buyer's Decision Making Process Is Complete Before They Ever Talk To a Salesperson

Does Your Sales Team Know How To Engage With Leads At Different Stages of Their Decision Making Process?

Selling has changed and the buyer is in control.  Sales has to be well versed and savvy enough to handle leads that come in at very different stages of each individuals decision making process.

Questiosn to ask yourself:

  • Does your sales team know how to use the marketing software to turn their cold calls into warm calls?
  • How proficient is your sales team when it comes to emailing? Email is not dead, and the ability to communicate effectively via email is critical to the success of your business.
  • Does your sales team have defined Opportunity Management Stages & criteria for each?
  • Does your sales team have an agreed upon lead handoff process with marketing so that they are only working qualified leads?
  • Does your sales team know how to use your website as a resource to maintain communication with their leads and to always provide value in their communications?
  • What does your sales team do to delight your customers and ensure that they remain customers?
  • Does your sales team ask for referrals on a regular basis from your current customers?