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Attract More Prospects

Buyer Personas:

By creating highly specific buyer personas, that your sales and marketing teams will leverage whenever they look to create new content or look to close a hot new deal, you will be well on your way to attracting more and more of the right kind of prospects to your website for your sales teams to have more qualified conversations with.

Content Creation:

To get found online you need to create dynamic, remarkable, easily shareable content. The fastest and most cost effective way to create content and get found online is to blog. Companies that blog see 97% more website visitors than those who don’t. Of course content can also come in many other forms as well. Videos, photos, Power Point Presentations are all great forms of content that can be shared online with the click of a button and all of it will help you Attract More Prospects to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

By optimizing your website not only for Google, but for your website visitor’s viewing pleasure as well, you will quickly see how engagement with your website will rise and prospects will return to your website on a more frequent basis.

Social Media:

We are all well aware that there are social media platforms out there that can be sourced for new business, but finding the right social media platform for your prospects and leveraging it the right way can often become a challenge. Above all else, social media can amplify your message, broadcasting it far and wide and ultimately exposing your content to all corners of the globe to Attract More Prospects to your website.

By implementing a strategy in this area you will Attract More Prospects to your website on a more consistent basis.

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Generate More Leads

Sales & Marketing Alignment:

There is no bigger crime than investing in Attracting More Prospects to your website and not having a sales and marketing alignment strategy in place to collectively agree on a Lead Management Process. What happens to a lead when it comes in from your website? Does it go to sales? Does it go to marketing? What happens when they don’t respond to sales? What happens if they don’t give you enough information via your website form? You’ve got to have a Lead Management Process in place and sales and marketing teams that are aligned so closely you can’t tell who works in which department.

Website Offers & Content Downloads:

Request a Quote shouldn’t be the only offer your website has available to convert unidentified visitors into qualified leads. You need to take some of that great content you’re creating and package it up into a piece of content that can be downloaded over and over again.

Website Forms & Landing Pages:

Website forms and landing pages are like sales people who are working 24/7, 365. If you get this part right you’ll be generating leads in your sleep.

By implementing a strategy in this area you will Generate More Leads from your website and watch them make their way on to your sales team to work their magic.

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Win More Sales

Marketing Automation:

Also known as nurture, or drip marketing but regardless of what you call it, your sales team is going to need a plan in place when a hot prospect goes dark. When life just gets in the way and the deal that was just about to close gets put on hold until the next quarter. With the help of the marketing team, Marketing Automation gives your sales team a fighting chance to keep in touch with those leads that have slipped through their grasp this time around.  It is about staying top of mind so that when your prospects are ready to do business, you will be the one they look to for their solution.

CRM & Marketing Software Integration:

Often time’s businesses have a CRM system and place and are using marketing software but the two systems aren’t working together as one. It is critical that your technology is being used correctly as you are generating more and more inbound leads. Your lead management processes should be built right into your systems and the information should be flowing back and forth seamlessly so that your sales and marketing teams are working together, off the same information and the end result is an efficient and effective inbound sales process that will help your business win more sales by being on top of all the information that is right at their fingertips.

Inbound Selling Coaching & Training:

Selling has evolved because the buyer is now in total control of their journey, not the sales people. Your prospects have an unlimited amount of information and free resources available to them at a moment’s notice and for that reason have become harder and harder to connect with on the phone. Forcing your way through the “gate keeper” and asking someone if “this is a good time” won’t work anymore. Your sales people need to rethink their approach and take on the mindset that they must “Always Be Giving.” Arming your sales team with the understanding of today’s buying process, that begins with online research and doesn’t include them until the buyer is closer to making a decision than they are to the beginning of their process, is critical to capitalizing on what just might be their one shot to create a trusting relationship when they come to your website and convert on an offer.

By implementing a strategy in this area you will see your team Win More Sales and grow your business to the levels you desire.

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Delight More Customers

Customer Marketing:

We live in a world where endorsements help us to decide on whether or not to make a purchase either large or small, as they are the cornerstones of your brand’s credibility. To grow your brand you must increase the number of evangelists your brand has working for it and amplify the testimonials of those who have interacted with you. People have become immune to the text and the brochures touting your business as “the best” or “number 1.” Prospects will look to see if there is anyone out there whom they know that has an opinion on your products or services to help them decide if you can be a solution for them as well.

Cross Sell / Up Sell:

The easiest and most profitable sale is one that is sold to an existing customer. How are you Delighting More Customers to grow your brand, generate more referral leads, win more sales and cultivate life long champions that will live as channel marketers for you as long as they are being delighted?

By implementing a strategy in this area you will be able to Delight More Customers and grow your brand while simultaneously generating a new source of leads and revenue.

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Analyze More Data

How will you know what worked and what didn’t if you aren’t looking at the numbers? Everyone wants to solve for the return on their investment, but how are you using data as actionable insight to drive change and become more efficient and effective in your efforts to grow your business? With the help of your CRM, your marketing software and Google Analytics, you should be looking closely at:

Website Traffic and Performance:

Keeping a close eye on the traffic coming to your website and how well your website is performing is extremely important as you are investing time and resources into growing your business. It is not uncommon that a Google Algorithm Update can result in a dip in website traffic or you redesign your website and all of a sudden traffic decreases because Google can’t find the website pages it once was able to crawl.

Lead Source Effectiveness:

Your website will be your primary source of Inbound leads but how are you measuring the effectiveness of your other sources of leads? Does it make sense to continue going to all of the trade shows you used to go to and incur that cost year after year? If you’re investing in PPC is it yielding the results that you had hoped for? Are your referral leads closing faster than other types of leads? These are all answers you should have at any given moment.

Lead Quality and Quantity:

It is one thing to generate 100 leads; it is another to generate 100 Sales Qualified Leads. Now that you have a Lead Management Process in place, and you’ve defined the different stages of lead qualification, you will be able to see that you have more Marketing Qualified Leads and less Sales Qualified Leads and you need to change the messaging on your website, or redo your Buyer Personas to attract different types of prospects and leads. Or you might see that you are generating more Sales Qualified Leads than ever before but your sales team is not Winning More Sales, so you will need to look at your sales team’s skills and expertise and figure out why they’re not Winning More Sales.

Sales Cycle Length:

Do you know how long it takes for a lead to become a customer? Do you know the average amount of time it takes for a lead to move from a Marketing Qualified Lead to a Sales Qualified Lead? Do you know how long on average it takes for a Qualified Opportunity to become a customer? All of these answers are critical when determining your forecasts and goals for your business but also your sales and marketing teams so that everyone knows exactly what they need to do to grow the business the way you believe it can.

Conversion Rates:

Do you know what percentage of your website visitors convert to become leads? Do you what percentage of your Marketing Qualified Leads become Sales Qualified Leads? Do you know what percentage of your Sales Qualified Leads become customers?  If not, how can you forecast revenue goals or even set goals for your sales and marketing teams to achieve?

By implementing a strategy in this area you will be able to Analyze More Data and become more efficient and effective in your processes, budgeting and forecasting as you look to grow your business.

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