Content marketing is arguably the most important part of your inbound marketing strategy. Without content, you’ll have no leverage with your inbound marketing, whether it's SEO, social media marketing, or email marketing. However, it's not just about creating content, it's about creating good content and knowing what to do with it. That's exactly what we can help you with here at SMB Advisors.

Benefits of Content Marketing

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Because of how big a part content plays in your overall marketing strategy, the benefits of content marketing, in general, are practically countless. Here are just a few of the major benefits of a successful content marketing strategy:

  • Increase brand visibility - The more content you publish ( of high quality and properly optimized for SEO), the higher your page rankings will be. This will help provide more exposure on SERPs (search engine results page). Additionally, good content is more likely to be shared by your readers, which helps increase brand exposure.

  • Increase brand authority - The more high-quality content you write and publish, the more of a reputation and marketplace presence you'll build for being an authority within your industry. Building your brand authority will help to strengthen your brand identity, bring more awareness to your brand, and build brand trust.

  • Increase lead generation - By bringing in more web traffic and building a reputation as an authority, you'll have an easier time generating and capturing more leads.

  • Increase social engagement - Content helps to drive conversation, thereby providing your audience with a way to engage with your brand. Engagement is an important part of building relationships with your audience and will make it easier to capture leads and bring in more sales.

  • Nurture your leads - Good content that lives on your site will give visitors a way to inform themselves about their particular problems and the solutions to those problems. Once they've made it through that part of the buyer's cycle, you can use content to nurture them, such as via your email campaigns, until they are ready to buy.

Development of a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is an incredibly involved process. It's a long-term strategy consisting of many different parts. No two companies’ content marketing strategy is alike, which means that we will help to create a strategy that best fits your company's goals and needs. A typical content marketing strategy will include the following:

  • Establishing your goals and mission

  • Creating your buyer personas

  • Developing your brand story

  • Determining where you should publish your content

  • Deciding what types of content to create

  • Creating a schedule for publishing content

  • Marketing your content to attract readers or viewers

  • Measuring the performance of your content

  • Adjusting your strategy based on results

Assessment of Current Content

We will do a thorough evaluation of the content currently residing on your website to determine if there are any gaps that need to be filled. For example, a well-rounded website will have a variety of different types of content, such as blog content, infographics, video content, slideshows, and more. We will also make sure that your content is effectively targeting your buyer persona. If it's not, you're likely attracting the wrong audience. Additionally, your content should address every stage of the sales cycle, including the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the buying stage.

Content Creation

It doesn't matter how well thought out and planned your content marketing strategy is if the content itself isn't exceptional. At SMB Advisors, we can oversee your entire content marketing strategy, including the creation of your content. The following are some of the elements that go into creating high-quality, relevant content:

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At SMB Advisors, we can oversee your entire content marketing strategy, including the creation of your content.

Understanding Your Company

To create content that connects with readers and that's relevant to your industry, we will gain a thorough understanding of your company. This doesn't just refer to having a passing knowledge of the products and services you offer. It means we will gain a deep understanding of your company's history, unique value proposition, values, and goals. This will help ensure that your content accurately reflects everything your brand stands for and aims to do.

We Explore and Map Out Possible Avenues

Developing content marketing strategies can take several directions. We will explore different options to discover which path is best suited to your specific needs.

We Manage the Entire Content Creation Process

At SMB Advisors, we won't just help you create a content marketing strategy then let you do the rest. We will help implement and manage the entire content creation process. This includes doing the following:

Idea Validation & Strategy

Creating content isn't dissimilar to selling products. You don't want to just manufacture and distribute any old product in the hopes that it will sell without doing some research--and it's exactly the same with your content. Simply writing any article and posting it on your blog could end up being a waste of time if you don't validate your ideas first.

When researching ideas for content, we will validate those ideas by determining how similar subject matter has performed in the past, how well similar content is performing for competitors, and whether people are asking questions or performing searches about that subject matter. After validating your content ideas, we will implement a content creation strategy based on our research.

Keyword Research

Keywords remain an important part of SEO. Using strong keywords will help you attract higher quality leads. However, the keywords used must be competitive as well. We do extensive keyword research, including looking into how your current keywords are ranking in existing content as well as what keywords are ranking for your competitors, to identify the best keywords for your content.

On-Page Analysis & Structuring

We will perform a website analysis to make sure your site's performance won't hinder your content marketing efforts. For example, poor navigation and slow loading times can hurt your content's ability to perform well. We will also look at how your site is structured in terms of the layout of your content. Content should be easy to read or view and not cluttered on the page. It should be as easy as possible for your audience to interact with your content, no matter what type of content it may be.


After we've done the required research, we will write your content using a tone of voice that reflects your brand image. Using the wrong voice can confuse your audience or simply be inappropriate to your brand. For example, a funeral service would use a more somber, respectful voice for their website content. Using a sarcastic sense of humor peppered with whatever slang teenagers are using at the moment would be pretty far from appropriate in such a case.

Once the content is written, we’ll make sure it is properly optimized using SEO keywords and internal links, and that it ends with a strong CTA.


Regularly publishing content at the same time and on the same days builds reader confidence in your brand. Whether it's posting videos on YouTube, pictures on Instagram, or written content on your website's blog, publishing your content sporadically may cause confusion for your audience. They won't know when to expect new content, which means that they may miss it. We will adhere to a publishing schedule that will provide as much exposure to your content as possible.

Assessment of Impact

Once a piece of content has been published, we will track its performance to assess its impact. This allows us to discover what types of content your audience prefers, and informing us what minor and major adjustments to make to your content strategy.

We Keep Your Business Goals in Mind

Your business goals will be the foundation of your content marketing strategy and will drive every decision we make. Without business goals, your content marketing strategy won't have a focus. It will also be impossible to track the performance of your content unless you have clear goals to measure them with. Essentially, your business goals should inform every step of the content marketing process, which is why we will always keep them in mind with every decision we make.

We Track Results, Keeping You in The Loop and Continually Refining Our Process

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. Content that you've created years ago may still have an impact, especially if it's evergreen content. However, you probably won't see immediate results with the content you publish. It's why we continuously monitor and track the performance of your content, taking into account metrics such as unique page visits, shares, comments, external links, page rankings, and more. This data is vital to tweaking your content marketing strategy so that it will be more effective.

For example, we might find that a certain piece of content is getting tons of views and social engagement, but it's simply not performing in terms of capturing leads. We can learn a lot from this; for example, perhaps the CTA isn't effective, or the landing page is lacking in some way, or the offer doesn't align with the needs of the visitor. This is the kind of thing we will continue to look at as we regularly publishing content.We will always keep you in the loop so that you know exactly how we are executing your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Case Study

Starting a website from a clean slate can be both an exciting opportunity and a daunting prospect at the same time.


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