Growth Driven Design is a smarter approach to web design that eliminates all of the headaches and drives optimal results using data. It allows you to launch quick, on-time, and spreads out your investment over time.

The Traditional Website Redesign Process

Even with just a redesign of your existing site, traditional web design requires a huge time investment, up-front costs and often runs very late and over-budget. Most people think of it as nothing more than the facelift approach without considering the complete user experience and how your site solves problems for your target audience.


A Graphic Designer Provides a New Concept of How it Should Look

While a designer might present some attractive concepts, they are not typically experts in the full User Experience.

Copy is Generally Left the Same

Most companies update facts, numbers and make a few minor edits rather than considering the overall voice and tone of the site.

Pages and Architecture Often an Afterthought

You want every part of the user experience to be positive, and the structure of your pages and navigation are critical to this.

New Designs Handed to a Dev Team and Told to Implement

Our team will manage the complete redesign process from strategy, architecture, outlining, development and migration.


The Fundamentals of a Growth Driven Design Approach to Website Redesigns

The Growth Driven Design approach will involve three main steps: strategy, the launchpad site, and continuous improvement.


The main goal is to develop an understanding of your customers problems and how your site can solve them, quickly launch with the priority features, and then make continuous improvements over time based on real data from users.



Ensure that Your Keyword Strategy is Well Researched

You might think you know what your customers are searching for, but a strategy built on research and data will deliver far more results.

  • Head Terms for Inner Sales Pages

  • Mid Tail Terms for Deeper Sales Pages

  • Longer Tail Terms for Content and Blog Areas


Systematically Assess Which Pages and Areas are Already Working

We’ll determine the pages that are attracting and converting the highest on your existing site.

  • Identify Core Pages that Already Rank within Google

  • Identify Core Pages that Play a String Role in Conversion


Run Tracking Software to Investigate Existing Interactions With Pages

Next, we’ll install tracking software on your website to provide data on how your existing users are interacting with your site.

  • Heat Mapping

  • Mouse and Scroll Tracking

  • Interpreting of Existing Pages


Creation of a Revised Architecture

Using the data we’ve collected from real users on your site, we will create a revised architecture plan for your site to optimize the user experience.

  • Keeping the Important Pages

  • Removing and Planning Redirects for the ‘Deadweight’ Pages

  • Planning for new pages which align with the goal for growth


Creation of Revised Onpage Outlines

We will create SEO outlines for your website pages to ensure that not only your users benefit from them, but also that search engines can properly find, identify and index your content.

  • Data Backed decisions from Keyword Research

  • All Content Mapped and Planned by an SEO


Creation of New Design Plans for Each Page

Once your team has identified and approved the revised outlines and architecture for your website, we will deliver designs for each new page.


Migration Strategy Outlined

Your existing site will remain live during the planning and development process of the new site. Our team will outline a migration strategy for taking the new site live seamlessly.

  • Redirections Required

  • Servers and DNS Accounted For

  • Post Migration Auditing

Content Marketing Case Study

Starting a website from a clean slate can be both an exciting opportunity and a daunting prospect at the same time.


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