Sales, Marketing & Branding Strategies Leveraging the Inbound Methodology

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Inbound Sales: Create Salespeople Your Prospects Will Want to Speak To

Posted by Aaron Mandelbaum on Jan 24, 2017 1:22:27 PM

The modern landscape of successful corporate operations has changed globally over the last few decades. With this change, business executives have been forced to re-evaluate their strategies and focus on new ways to drive sales and corporate growth. As noted in The Sales Acceleration Formula (Mark Roberge, 2015), while innovation has become one of the key areas that business leaders seek to expand upon to increase sales and outsell the competition, the creativity of such a large pool of competitors has made that goal difficult to fulfill [1]. In order to drive organic growth, having a great sales team is key in order to drive sales away from competitors and to your business.

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Topics: Marketing & Sales Integration, Inbound Sales

Align The Marketing & Sales Lead Management Process From The Bottom Up

Posted by Aaron Mandelbaum on Feb 16, 2015 2:34:00 PM


When we think about marketing and sales integration, and the responsibilities each team has to the other, we're more often inclined to think of what marketing does that contributes to the success of sales vs. how sales contributes to the success of marketing.

We think of how marketing funds sales by attracting more prospects to your website; How marketing is generating new leads to be passed on to sales as part of your lead management process; And how marketing is providing sales with the collateral and resources they'll need to share with prospects as part of your inbound sales process.

Despite the significance and impact that marketing efforts can have on the success of demand and revenue growth in a company, marketers don't always know exactly what kind of results their efforts should yield.

To drive results and build a fully integrated marketing and sales process, sales needs to hold marketing accountable for completing their half of the conversion funnel and marketing needs to understand clearly the numbers sales needs to hit for your company to acheive its revenue goals.

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Topics: Marketing & Sales Integration, Lead Management